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About the Course

After numerous requests from people sick of over paying on their taxes, The Elite Nurse Practitioner is proud to announce The “How to Lower Your Taxes” Course, the Elite Nurse Practitioner guide on how to lower your legal tax obligations so you can keep more of what you earn! This course is the definitive guide for the nurse practitioner who is wanting to legally reduce their taxes through tax planning and strategy so they can keep more of the money they work hard for. This course was created in collaboration with multiple tax professionals, and I am proud to add this to The Elite NP course offerings. I truly believe this will help all my nurse practitioner sisters and brothers save A LOT of money! This course will easily save you $5,000-$10,000 a year in taxes, and likely more if you have a small business or you are willing to start one!

Did you know that taxes are the BIGGEST expense in your life? Did you know that you will spend MORE MONEY on taxes than any other expense in your life? YES! You will spend more money on taxes then your mortgage, education, or child expenses COMBINED… Yet very few people try to reduce the NUMBER ONE expense in their life. Instead, most people are trying to figure out how to lower their $200 grocery bill… It makes no sense! If you truly want to accelerate your financial position and freedom, then you need to make lowering your tax obligations a priority in your life! You will NEVER get rich until you learn how to lower your taxes to the legal minimum that you are entitled to by law!

“But Justin, my accountant takes care of my taxes for me!”

WRONG! Your accountant DOES your tax return, but your accountant is likely not helping you reduce your taxes in any significant way. That is YOUR job, and this course will teach you how to effectively plan your taxes for the year and will provide you a plethora of strategies to help reduce your taxes legally. Your accountant is part of your team but should not be completely in charge of the biggest expense in your life. Is your primary care provider completely in charge of your health? Of course not, you still have to take care of yourself and taxes are no different.

Listen, you need to understand the deductions and strategies that you are ENTILTED to as an American citizen! Congress passes laws on the tax code to benefit them and their rich friends, and I am here to show you how they legally reduce their taxes so you can keep more of what you earn! It is nothing but a set of rules and if you understand those rules, you can play the game just like the rich do. "Those that understand the game play it, those that don't understand the game PAY IT!"

I want to throw out a quick disclaimer: to fully take advantage of all the strategies in this course, you need to have some sort of small business. It can be a niche practice, you can sell cloths online, or you can start an online coaching business… it doesn’t matter what you pick, but you really need to have a small business. It doesn’t even matter if the business is profitable or not! Having a small or home-based business is the last great tax shelter left in this country and a critically important component to lowering your taxes. Could you still benefit from this course if you don’t have or don’t want a business? Absolutely, but you will not save nearly as much on your taxes as the nurse practitioner entrepreneur!

This course will teach the astute nurse practitioner everything they need to know to lower their taxes in a meaningful way. I have consulted with tax professionals and chose the most applicable deductions and strategies that I believe would impact the nurse practitioners’ taxes in the biggest way. I truly believe every one of you who takes this will walk away feeling empowered on how to legally keep more of what they earn! I have literally saved tens of thousands of dollars a year in taxes by utilizing the strategies and deductions discussed in this course. If I can do it, then you certainly can as well!

This course will teach you:

  • The differences between the two tax systems in this country: employee taxes and business owner taxes.
  • The importance of lowering your legal tax obligations.
  • How to find a good accountant.
  • How to choose the appropriate entity structure for your business and their associated tax consequences.
  • How to appropriately pay yourself through your business.
  • The deductibility rules surrounding business expenses.
  • How to properly document deductions.
  • A loophole with keeping receipts.
  • How to depreciate assets such as real estate, vehicles, and other big-ticket items so it can LOWER YOUR TAXES!
  • Why having a net operating loss can be a good thing.
  • The difference between a W2 and 1099 employee.
  • How to provide fringe benefits to your employees (including family and yourself) which will lower your taxable income even more.
  • The differences between 401ks, IRAs, Self-Employed 401ks/IRAs, HSAs, FSAs, and general investment accounts and their associated tax benefits and consequences.
  • How to write off 100% of your graduate school education, continuing education, and courses (LIKE THIS ONE!).
  • How to utilize DOZENS of tax deduction strategies including:
  • Business meals
  • Parties (yes, you can write off parties at your house)
  • Automobiles and their expenses
  • Home offices
  • Property deductions
  • Cell phones
  • Home gyms
  • Laundry services
  • Vacations and business trips
  • And much more!
  • How to hire family members, including your spouse and children and obtaining tax deductions of $12,000 a year and more!
  • How to utilize income shifting strategies.
  • How to make real estate a tax write off machine.
  • How to set up a tax plan and strategy.
  • How to audit proof your tax returns and deductions.
  • And much more!

This course is 4 hours in length where I cover a 217-slide presentation in depth. You will also receive the lectures in an audio format so you can listen on the go!

In addition to the course lecture, you will receive a 26-page tax deduction eBook, 12-page course handout, and a 6-page course summary handout. Combine the knowledge from these resources with the lecture, and you will step away from this course with what you need to know to reduce your taxes to the legal minimum. I GUARANTEE IT! Your CPA is there to help you, but it is up to you to understand and take the deductions!

Remember, all Elite NP courses provide indefinite access, so you can continue watching this course throughout the year as you plan your tax lowering strategies!

If you are serious about building REAL wealth, then you truly need to make lowering your legal tax obligations a priority in your life and this course will guide you on how to do that. Taxes are the biggest expense in your life; therefore you need to do everything that is legally afforded to you to pay the minimum amount of tax required! You would be a fool not to!

This course is being offered for only $499!

If you take just one piece of advice from this course, it will more than pay for itself from the tax savings you will receive! Take this course if you are serious about lowering the biggest expense in your life. Right NOW is the time to begin implementing a tax lowering plan, not at the very end of the year. So, act fast and take advantage of this amazing deal!

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This course awards 6 CE hours!
All Elite NP CEU applies to ANCC and AANP recertification and can be used with all Boards of Nursing.
The Elite Nurse Practitioner is accredited as a provider of nursing continuing professional development by the American Nurses Credentialing Center's Commission on Accreditation

Finding a SOLID accountant, taxes as an employee vs. business owner, entity structures and their tax implications explained...

Deductions, IRS rules, business expenses, deductbility percentages, and depreciation explained...

Dozens of deductions and how to turn your automobile into a tax deduction gold mine explained...

Graduate education deductions, continuing education write offs, and how to write off vacations/business trips/CME trips explained...

How to hire family, fringe benefits, income shifting, and real estate deductions explained...

Documenting deductions and audit proofing your tax return explained...

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  The "How to Lower Your Taxes" Course!
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See what others have to say...

Nina FNP-C: I have purchased several The Elite NP courses and it help me started my own business (even I can share the financial knowledge to my husband's business). Regardless your interest and specialty, you MUST purchase the course "How to Lower Your tax" and "The Financial Independent and Investment course" it will guide you in the right path to financial independence. Thank you Justin.

Angie B: I love Elite NP info and courses, but in addition, it has been really easy to communicate with Justin for any questions, concerns, etc. Since learning about Elite NP and engaging in the Facebook group, I have connected with so many other NPs with similar goals and the support has been incredible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have unlimited access to this course?

Absolutely! You can access this course however many times you want for however long you want! All Elite Nurse Practitioner Courses are pre-recorded and accessible indefinitely!

Can I really reduce my taxes by $10,000 a year?

Absolutely! And that is at the low end of what you can save... There are hundreds of deductions that our government allows small business owners to take that most small business owners don't even know exist. In fact, most CPAs don't even know they exist! This course covers a multitude of deductions relevant to the nurse practitioner and nurse practitioner entrepreneur.

I have a great accountant who takes care of my taxes, why do I need to take this course?

Because an accountant is a professional just like you and me. Do you know everything? Of course not... neither does your accountant! This course will cover a plethora of deductions afforded to you by law that many accountants don't even know exist. You should not put your full trust into your accountant. Only YOU can do what is best for YOU. This course provides you the foundational knowledge that will help you legally save money on taxes! Your accountant is simply there as an advisor and to write off the deductions on paper!

Isn't tax reduction just another word for tax evasion?

Absolutely not! Tax evasion is using ILLEGAL methods to reduce your income and taxes on paper. There are hundreds of LEGAL tax reduction strategies that CONGRESS has passed to help themselves and their friends pay less taxes. It is a game, and if you know the rules of that game, you can play it as well! This course will teach you those rules so you can lower your taxes like the wealthy do!

What are you going to teach me exactly?

I am going to cover the relevant tax deductions that you are legally entitled to as an American citizen. You would be AMAZED with the deductions you can take yet never have heard of. I will cover everything from tax advantaged retirement accounts to CME vacations to hiring your children as employees to tax planning and more!

Do I have to have a business to take advantage of the concepts in this course?

You do not, but I need you to be aware of something: you will NEVER be able to reduce your taxes as an employed nurse practitioner in any meaningful way compared to a business owner. Owning a small business is the LAST great tax shelter in this country. If you are serious about lowering your taxes, then you need to get serious about owning a small business. The small business can be ANYTHING and it doesn't need to be profitable by the way. You just need a business of some sort. It can be owning a small niche practice to selling lemonade on the corner. It doesn't matter!

I already own a business, will this course benefit me?

Oh ya! This course will help you legally reduce your taxable income so you can save THOUSANDS on taxes. I bet you are leaving thousands of dollars on the table and don't even know it!

Can I write off this course?

You bet! This is an activity that will help benefit your professional career. Therefore, this course is 100% tax deductible as I will explain in the course itself!

Will this offer CE?

YES! This course offers 6 CE hours. The Elite Nurse Practitioner is credentialed as an organization that can provide CEU through the ANCC. CEU awarded through The Elite Nurse Practitioner applies to ANCC, AANP, and all boards of nursing!

Will this course provide a certificate of completion?

Yes! A certificate is issued at the end of the course that will show the CEU hours and your completion of this course.

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